Good ole day..Friday…

PeCaPECa…well..I didn’t get my toes done..she was booked up BUT…today is the day…

and I worked on another doll..I’m doing a spring flower collection…orange…yellow..blues and whatever else comes to mind…they are too cute..

tomorrow is market day and I’m hoping it’s going to be a great big selling day…all new stuff…Amy L. has been making the donuts..I told her only one container and its overflowing..but she’s got more…all new fairies and Elfins also…come see…

you know I never get overly involved in organizations but m really gun hoe for True Justice..just seems i can’t get it off my mind..Amy L. Also..she’s making the cutest cards to give to them for the young girls that come through their program..please go to the site and read up on it..

Well..that’s all I got…sending you an awesome Friday…let the games begin…




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