Glorious Sunday Morn”..

.PeCaPeCa…great day in the hood…sorry bout being late but I had some free lives on one of my games…

Waffles for breakfast…

AND…our day at the Market wasn’t a total…bust..we made a few the rent back and when you can do’s a good day…Amy L. finally made it around lunchtime..and my lord she brought so much new stuff…it was a hit…and of course we had a great time together…she’s a snacking machine…bread..salsa..cookies..cupcake…etc…lol..

the market is starting to open on I may try and setup this Tuesday to sale some of the Easter stuff cause I only have one more Saturday before we leave for our trip to see Just Ben…please come and see the cute stuff..I got baskets already made..hint …hint…

we got candy filled everything..prices are cheap…and CUTE….

well…I have a rant..can I just shout it out and be over ya…I ask last week if I could get an extra space..and she said she would try so I left it at that…well..come to find out she has shrank me to a six foot table instead of extra space..I don’t get it…trust me..I don’t want her job..but some of her thinking and  doing is questionable…done..img_5069

i am going to make the very best of what I have been handed…thank you for listening..

thats all I got…sending you the most awesome day given..


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