PeCaPeCa…yes..asking fir some help from above today..daddy goes in for an upper GI today to check on that nasty ulcer…keep in mind today..thinking positively…thank you…amen…

and that’s what my day will be today…

If all goes well today..I will be setting up at the First Tuesday Market…going to just take the Easter stuff…and a few of my fairies n Elfins…come see what the market has to offer on Tuesdays…10 to 2

Santa and I had a wonderful outing yesterday..bought us some new towels out of a store instead of used at the Sally store…LOL!…it’s been about ten years since I bought some new ones..and some fresh new wash rags and I also got daddy some new Sunday socks…it’s been about twenty years on that one…I think it was time…it’s funny how we put those kinda things second to none…

working on another fairy..this one is pink…sooo that’s pink orange and pink n yellow mixed..flower fairy…

thats all I got….sending you an absolute super Monday to start your week…



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