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I’m crazy…👍

PeCaPeCa…first off..I’m crazy..the market doesn’t open Til the 15th of April on Tuesdays…what was I thinking…well..at least I’m ready for Saturday…LOL

second…Daddys ulcer has healed..still took an biopsy…we will know about that in a couple weeks..but his mind is at ease at least on the ulcer..I thank you for all your prayers and thoughts of our family…you rock…

so I guess I’m forced to clean house today…ugh!!!!!

finished my Spring flower girl…

and here is my just Ben n Amanda on trivia night..notice anything different about just ben..won’t be long and I’ll be there to aggravate them… With mamas love….

He’s so handsome…love me some my just Ben…

thats all I got..sending you an awesome day given..


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