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It’s Monday…four more days

PeCaPeCa….so..what’s new….we will be leaving for Raleigh Friday and then leaving for our trip early Saturday morning..wish us good fortune and traveling..packed my container yesterday..hoping everything will survive the trip..especially the  Chocolate…lol..

im sure gonna miss Santa me Bella and my regular routine…but hey..change is good if only for alittle while…makes you appreciate..what you have…

today is a daddy day..payday…so I’ll be gone most of the day..no telling where we may be…don’t know what’s in Daddys plans..lol..

went to the farm yesterday to celebrate Gail’s bday…ate some ribs and played with all the animals..it’s was a Funtime…

she loved her presents..

well my Easter baskets didn’t sell but I’m made good of the stuff inside…in the end I disaster but two dollars and that’s a good thing…

thats all I got…sending you an absolutely marvelous Monday..


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