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Happy Hump Day…ya’ll

PeCaPeCa….well…I made meatloaf for supper and as I told you I don’t like meatloaf..and guess what..I still don’t…Santa said it was good but me n daddy were like its something different for supper…😝

We got some pretty weather happening…the mornings are so awesome on the porch..

oh..we got a train ride setup on our trip..another thing on Daddys bucket list..it’s not exactly what we wanted but it’s a train ride…it’s probably all we can handle…lol..check that off…

i think My Just Ben is alittle nervous bout us coming…it’s just family..we don’t care about fancy stuff…just want to be with our just Ben…calm the heck down..mama says..

thats all I got…sending you a restful hump day…



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