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It’s getting down time…

PeCaPeCa….WOW…what a good storm and rain…natures way of cleaning the air for a fresh start …life is amazing…

count down begins…tomorrow we will be going to Raleigh Amy L’s..and then Sometime in the wee hours of Saturday we will be on the road for my just Ben’s..Oklahoma bound…and I haven’t even started packing…I have got my container filled to the brim with some goodies for the fam…so excited and apprehensive at the same time…pray that we have a safe trip and we all stay above the ground..if you know what I mean….

well..I was missing making a fairy soooo…Pearlette’ was born yesterday…she is adorable…and her poem is kinda good also..I say…

Hi..my name is Pearlette’…

im like no other you have met..

my favorite saying..

you are not your hair nor your skin…

you are the beauty within

stay strong n true..

and let the real you come through…

i like it..I like it a lot….

well..I think Lily has found her spot while daddy’s gone…crazy cat…

thats all I got …sending you the best day…


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