Pecapeca..well we finally arrived yesterday bout six ..my just  bens home place is amazing..all and more..they named it ravenmyst..cause Amanda is an avid Poe fan..lots of hugs were given and we were off again to eat cause ben and Amy were HUNGREY again.. then it was to Walmart.. yes folks..you must go to every Wally World wherever you go..

Daddy has done amazing on the trip…trust me he has held his own..you ain’t leaving him behind..

Today we are off to Amy n ben adventure land..who knows where we will end up.. 

ok..I thought I was first place with ben but since Amy is around.. I’m just there and here..example..I’m on a blowup mattress..she’s on a real bed ..I got a sour rag to wash my face.. she got a new scrubber… he even was going to give his Lil fan..what up with dis n dat??..just kidding..not..lol

One more thing..laundry n cooking was mentioned and I told him..it wasn’t that kind of vacation..too funny!

That’s all I got…sending you a great Monday 

Oh..we went downtown Lil roc and ate at the flying fish..a must place to eat if you ever go there..

And daddy went on the trolley ride.. he had a blast 

The guy wouldn’t wait for me take a pic with daddy so this was my best shot… 

and Amy is doing videos for the girls to see what we’re doing..they are a hoot..​

Now that’s all I got..


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