On our way..again

Pecapeca…yes..everyone is up and ready to go to our next adventure..urika springs and Branson missiour ..seven in a six seater car and guess where mamas at which is me..in the back with the walker..I tell you my peeps..I am not on the top of the list on this trip..it’s like I’m a hide away..on a ship..appear when it’s safe to come out

Anyway..yesterday was a whirl wind..we made two trips to ft smith.which is a hour drive away..first trip shopping and getting oil change for just ben car..then bac home for a short break..waiting for Amanda to get off work..our supper plans were to meet up with some of just ben coworkers..he wanted show off his awesome family..great time was had by all..

Ok..Amy l…is hot on these videos..they are so funny..and it maybe one of those things..you would have to have been there..she has three today..touring the inside of the home..​turn your volume up..don’t miss all the commentary 



Ok..I may not be first on the list but I will always have this

And a word from home..my jonboy and Jen..what beautiful pic..lov and miss them

And just ben and I found this in a store..look. At this shit..

Yes we got a couple of things..it was a good laugh..and you get a bag .. that says..a bag full of shit..too funnny..

That’s all I got today..sending you some laughs in your day..


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