PeCaPeCa..I Have been MIA for a couple days..I know you have been on the edge of your seat with worry or

Ok ..I’m going to try and get all the happenings in order..mayb by pics.. video..or writing..this is how it went down two days ago..we left Tuesday morning..


And I was alone til they saw I had the best seat in the car..then Amy l said she wanted to give it a whirl with me..bad mistake..we were going into mountain country and my just ben was driving..then it got alittle crazy..eureka springs bound.. it was the off season and I was sure glad..freely shopped and walked ..daddy did amazing..we would find him a sit..something to drink..and yes ..a bathroom and he was happy..ate at a a old hotel downtown and if you ever go. The food was excellent..sorry can’t remember the name..

After hours of up n down shopping. It was off to Branson..we had to check in to our home away from home..and get to our country show..

When that was over..I was looking forward to by bed..well..daddy got the pullout couch tv bathroom window view..ben n amanda..queen size bed bathroom window view..Amy n Tom..master sweet bathroom tv giant window..and me two twin beds….the end of my luxury list..just saying..

This was my look most of the time on the I looked at all the situations and Amy n ben

The next day was our train ride..check another off daddy’s bucket list..

It was fun..

Then we went shopping I think..found this..and if you notice no one wanted to sit with me..

But I did find an another way home..if I had too

I was missing by dumbo at home

Then it was good time again..please eat here if you ever go that is if you like masgahitti..excellent food..

And I wanted to be my own stuffed noodle

Then next we went shopping..we were on a mission to find gifts and Amy L some BOOTS..but to no avail..then we made a friend and he told us about PFI in Springfield..that was the next day’s plan..ben picked us out a fantastic place for breakfast..omg..go there also..A plus..our waitress life had been just like mind and she was gooood..we became instant friends even on

Her name is Rhonda ..make sure you ask for her..tell her Deborah sent you..first thing I ask her..does your boss make you cry and her first thought did I know that?..then he was a good boss if he did..cause daddy sure made me was a good laugh..

Daddy got bored on the trip so I told him a game jonboy and I played..rate the bathrooms cause god knows we saw plenty of was fun for him after that..too funny

After that it was boot hunting time..Springfield bound..

As you can see we found ben a hat and the ultimate boot of all times didn’t get a pic of those..then it was off to a long ride home..and that’s when the ride got butt checks are now between my shoulder blades..where my mama always told I had my ass in my shoulders all the it’s true.. I was so ready to get out of the car..

Ahhhh..bed..great nights sleep and I didn’t even care I was in the floor..

So today we are family visiting no such..

I wanted to show you what my hunterman is into ..Viking reinactment..and blacksmithing..he is quite good..making knives spears and armor 

Very proud of him just get out of school and get that diploma…

And we keep getting sweet things from home

That’s all I got..I know I have left out something’s but I didn’t want you not to have something for today’s coffee..


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