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Jack n the Box…

PeCaPeCa…Yes…the Jack n the Box never looked so good…we reached Amy L’s home about seven and by the time I packed the car with all our stuff..it was eight…I was off to New Bern..drove in the driveway by ten..AHHHHH!…HOME…I thank God we had a safe trip..with no incidents…he kept us under his wings…and that makes for an awesome trip…

I’m trying to think of one best thing on the trip…would it be…daddy going a half a day with his shoes on the wrong feet before anybody noticed…he was wondering why his feet hurt….would it be..all the friendly…peeps..good food..what stays in green mountain cabins like Las Vegas…seeing my just Ben…I can’t decide…it was all memorable moments…

well..I found something else to ride…image

And of course Amy L. Had to get wings also…image

And she had to get the koolest boots and she got to wear the koolest glasses..

And she got her pic at the Queen B store….


if you ever find yourself in Branson Missiour…please check out this place to stay..cabins in the green mountains…awesome place..it’s just up the road from all activities….

today is get back in the groove day…lots of laundry..restocking the fridge…fresh beds..etc.

thats all I got for now…I’m sure things will pop in my head every now in then…

sending you an exceptional Monday…

One more thing..I was looking for the right crown..of course Amy got four….every color…

and our Easter gift for the day…a pic of Amy l..beatuiful family…and yes I still have that memory of combing Amy l. Hair…can’t take that away from me…


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