Happy Hump Day…

PeCaPeCa….what a wonderful day to wake up to…I feel good…and  I have a secret to share…it’s called Protonic Balancer…yep..you may call this a circus act but I’m hear to tell you it works..I have suffer from chronic neck pain since the corner grill days when I fell to the basement..and my head has shaken for I don’t know how many years and it’s all stopped…I know it’s still there but since I put this ring on..I have slept better..and my neck pain is almost gone…I’m posting his card so if you want give him a call so he can get the credit if you buy…or come by the house and I’ll give you a demo…it’s worth looking into..we got daddy a bracelet and if he is willing to try..there you go…John can explain it better than I…I’m a believer and so is Amy and Goodegg..they got one also…

Ok..this is Santa’s trinket I bought for letting me take this wonderful trip…yes..I have retired the Peacock wind spinner and we got a proud eagle flying…image

I love it….

and I made another fairy..her name is Poppy Purp…

And my cactus Rose is in full bloom..Amy L. Has one but is dead on the porch…


I really want to tell you about my Hunterman…he’s is a good young man but has some issues with life and whenever I’m around..I try and give him some life lessons..and I also FUSS at him…and I still have my magic stick and I’m not afraid to use it still on his butt and he knows it ..I have before many times when I use to babysit him…I made an impression..but I know he truly loves his granny cause look what he bought for me..image

I told him this trip..that his room was a pig sty..and that reflects what you put out in the world..I have always said if your home is in order so will your life be in this cruel world.RESPECT yourself..RESPECT your home..I love you my HunterMan…

well..I think that’s all I got today…enjoy your hump day..two more days and the weekend will be here…looking forward to seeing you at the market..its Sprinfest and we will be open two extra hours Saturday…


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