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Hump Day

PeCaPeCa..I finally got in them flower beds and had to stop at the same spot I did before…Fire Ants glory…got bit about ten times…clorax to the rescue…anyway..got at least two thirds done on the front and one whole side of the home done…now it’s time to plant and freshen up the dirt and get something to kill them there ants..and decide what to plant…??????????..any suggestions…annuals I guess..they did good last time…but what?

it felt good to dig in the dirt…I just love the feel of dirt…good rich dirt…someone gave me some gloves but I just don’t feel like I can get the feel with gloves on…how bout you?

anyway..a good hot cold shower and I was ready to make a fairy….Wendy Worthy…I changed the way I make the faces alittle …can you tell..any difference..she actually has a chin…lol…

Here..I’ll give you a comparison….image

and I got two wrapped for mailing…gifts from the Heartland…one goes to Amanda and one goes to my new friend in missiour for her granddaughter…hope they make the ride without any breakage..hot glue to the recuse…

Today is a daddy day…his payday…so I’ll be buzy for the rest of the morning…

Looking forward to my day…that’s all I got…sending you an awesome Hump Day..


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