Lovely Rain…

PeCaPeCa…lovely rain and thunder..slept good…

well..I couldn’t wait any longer…daddy got his new bed and we threw up our bills and needs and the bed came down first…now our mattress is a 1960 model..I do believe I slept on it when I lived on national during my mama didn’t ever by new mattresses…well…I went to the Sally store and they had just got in a bunch…fifty dollars for just the mattress and it was a great choice..I know..what you’re thinking..Sally store..used would take us a year to save up that kinda money’s for a new one…so we did the best we knew how…couldn’t wait another day…we kept the the box springs from…that would have been another sixty dollars…lol

and I got my toes done…I picked out a color out of my comfort zone..Orange shinney…and the pain was minor…this time…it was a great experience…don’t have to many of the those…lol….image

tomorrow is market and day and I see I have been changed to a different spot..smaller table and one spot back…and it’s ok..I’ve been expecting I’m ready for any thing…I got this…please join us at the’s a fun place to come and see what your locals can do…lots of new vendors…

thats all I got..sending you the most fablous Friday…


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