PeCaPeCa…it’s Monday and a laundry day for floor..ugh!…get er done…

Sunday was decided to finish them flower beds…and I found the best stuff for fire ants…they are dead dead and gone…flowers beds looks really good… And budget was a hundred dollars..two bags of soil And some flowers and that didn’t take long..when they are 7 bucks a pot…but I did pretty well on the budget..needed a new spade and that sent it over the budget..not much..just alittle…

Still dealing with this snot crap and so is Santa..when is it gonna end…I hate it…

Mother’Day is coming up and you know she needs a fairy hanging to make her smile..I got em..see you Saturday or you can come by the house and browse…just give me a call..5147085…they areas ll hanging ..waiting to be picked..I can mail also..but the postage will be added..just saying..

Busterpucked Daddy up so I didn’t have to get out for that but Bella needed her we went to Glennburnie..police was at outr usual spot and I didn’t want yo deal with them…

thats alli got..sending you the greatest start of your week…


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