Nice n Cool..

PeCaPeCa…it’s nice n cool outside this morning..and I can’t believe I saw on Facebook that someone was complaining bout it…are you nuts?…I love it…sweating is not my bag…

Tomorrow is market day and day before Mother’s Day…come get you a fairy for your mom..she would love it..a gift that keeps on giving just hanging around her all the time…show her some love all year…I got lots of favorite colors make you smile and I also got some more than a card to go with it that Amy l. Makes…one stop shop…

Daddy made me a cake for Mother’s Day..going to give out slices to all my vendor friends tomorrow and if you come early maybe you can get a piece…ten layer Choclate…yummy…

well..I finally got some boogiers…no more snot…that’s a great feeling…Santa is still alittle under the weather…

everything else is good in the hood..that’s all I got…sending you the greatest of Friday’s…make the weekend count…


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