’s that day’s that day…hope to see ya come my the Framers market..all setup.. and ready for a great day

Hoping the rain holds off or traps you in the market to shop for Mother’s Day or any other special gift you may need

Lots of faithful vendors here..we need you to support your local market 

Well.. Amy L and Goodegg got some news..our Mattie and Rocky are going to have another baby and maybe just maybe our Katy and Josh..don’t know if the rabbit died yet on them.. keep you posted..

Babies babies..I told Amy l…she and goodegg babysitted jeese Wayne one to many times for Mattie n

Ok..have you ever dreamed you were on the toilet and Pd on your question is how do you get it out of your couch cushion..we’re not talking a dribble.we are talking bout a full on P..and wasn’t me’t remove the’s built in..I think it’s funny myself..I suggested a shop vac or carpet cleaner..just funny to me cause I have been there before

That’s all I got..sending you a marvelous day


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