PeCaPeCa…yes..Blessings through the mail and other places…you never know when why how they are coming but it makes you happy…and thankful…I got a blessing at the Pig yesterday…can’t share anymore than that on that blessing..even though I share a lot of my private stuff but this one I’ll keep to myself…and I got this in the mail yesterday from my Just Ben..I haven’t had anything made like this since gramma school from Ben or jon…I will cherish it…homemade card…he took the class at the library where amanda works…too cute…the whole story of it is…

Its the simple things that your kids do that mean so much…like this..and surprize you with a visit…

not much else going on today…probably some laundry and cleaning..cause I have to have the home in order before I leave Friday…I wish to thank my Santa and Daddy for doing without me for a few days…they are special…

thats all I got…sending you a thrilling Tuesday…


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