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Bac to the Norm…

PeCaPeCa…sorry..I’m late but I had a eight o clock doc appointment..for what ..I didn’t know..so..all wasn’t good there..see ya in a year…

made it bac from my trip safely..nice ride home..stopped by to see how Gail was doing..she has some serious issues with her bac..surgrey to be done in a month or so or sooner…prayers needed for that…thank you…

this week is payday..halaluer…I am on my last dollar…really…

i think I may do a doll show in a month in Durham..just thinking…haven’t commented yet..lets see bout dollars first…may just want to stay in my home town with that…😬😬😬😬

thats all I got…homework piled up while I was gone…you know the drill…sending you a fabulous Monday…



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