How Blessed…I’m thankful

PeCaPeCa….sometimes we need to remind truly blessed we are…and I realized that yet again yesterday…to be able to go in a grocery store and buy anything you want..and yours bills paid for the month…and have a few dollars to call your own..and that my folks is a true blessing…there are so many that have to decided whether to eat or pay bills or just have nothing…I am Blessed..thankful and favored and most of all LOVED….

speaking of loved…now you know I love me some Amy L. And she has had a tough time at work..not only is the school she works at tough enough..the people she works with and for..just a few..have showed their ass towards her in some way..and I’m mad..I’m mad..I can go up there and get in a brawl..I’m not to old for that yet..I probably got a good hit left in me….LOL!…I say..there are no tears to be shed over work ..unless there happy one show be talked to or treated that way at a job..and trust me..i shed a lot working with my dad and he’s the only one that was allowed…it’s just not worth the stress…whether you need the job or not…go look somewhere else..then tell them to kiss your sweet white ass goodby…RANT OVER…thank you

started working on a doll yesterday…Saturday is memorial celebration for our military so I’m doing some RED…WHITE…AND BLUE…and a ten percent discount for all who have served and are serving…

i think my table is going to look awesome this Saturday…red and white theme…everybody suppose to have alittle AMERICA represented…and I’m dressing in the flag colors….I love my America…my Daddy has traveled many countries in his life time and I ask him one time..which country would he rather live in other than America…his response…..AMERICA…no place like it….

and im going to have a few dolls in a basket to just give away..they are some of my first…just for fun….

thats all I got…sending you an awesome Thursday…



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