Happy Sunday….

PeCaPeCa….I slept til seven this morning…and it felt good to sleep that extra hour…well..I know you want to know about my Market Day…it was a very nice day…Amy L. Out sold me again but..we both made rent and that’s always a good thing…Dirty Dan was the Elfin for the day…found him a new Home…

We had a great crowd …for it being a Holiday…and New Bern must have been the place to be…and I gave away five dolls to some special lil girls…they were some left overs from the beginning yet still loveable…and yes…peeps were leary of free stuff …but recieved them graciously after the story…glad I finally found them a home besides the trash…we call that repurpose….

And Amy L. Made the day for some of my vendor friends…she cleaned out her craft crap again…they think she is the craft goddess…oh..they sent gifts back since she didn’t want anything in return…LOL!…

ok..short story..there is this man that I have known for fifty years and yes…I don’t know his name..I know ..right?…fifty years and no name…but he was a big part of my everyday at the corner grill..sweet kind and always loved him some Deb er K. Anyway…he came by yesterday ..looking another small surprize bag for his daughter…he said..Miss Deborah..yes.he knows my name…I would like another one of those bags you fixed me a year ago..bout seven dollars worth..could you do that…this is what I looked liked for just a second👀…in my mind..I thought a year ago…lord help me remember…so I got my composure and started working on it…he said…the reason I need this is my daughter found out that I got my lady friend the other one and she wanted to know where hers was…but please don’t put anything in there bout cooking..she knows nothing but to eat…too funny…I love my days at the corner grill..I’ve said it once..ill say it again…my parents did me a great service raising me there..to this day..I have peeps in my life that I will forever love and they love me bac..and my two boys feel the same way..they were raised in it also..

thats all I got…sending you a super happy Sunday…




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