PeCaPeCa…I just hope you stick with me til I have something important to say…I have run out of material..cause life is so good at the moment….and that’s a good thing…

today is a daddy day again..he has an dentist appointment…now I find out they don’t make appointments ahead of time cause sometimes..Medicaid takes the dental away so I had to go in and make him an appointment to see if they would pay…G’s …just leave the old people stuff alone…they aren’t going to be here that much longer and I say..my daddy’s generation has earned any thing they can get…and so have I ..I worked hard also..you ain’t giving me nothing..I earned it…

thank you…

slowed down on making my dolls…I’m getting an inkling to make some Christmas and Halloween fairies and Elfins…I know it’s alittle early but…I can get ahead for September….I got the stuff…

and I may be going back to the other market with Amy L…just for a change…maybe this time..be a bigger buyer crowd…you think?…Lol!

ok…that’s all I got…sending you a terrific Tuesday….


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