PeCaPeCa….it’s Friday and a lot happening….for one thing…last day of school and it’s just a good go Who Ya!….

And I don’t know who might would like a skunk but I’m in the middle of making one…”PePE Le Dew”…and he’s a far..sometimes my artist Brain goes in a weird way…but as you know me..already…I’ll have him ready for tomorrow’s Market…image

Speaking of tomorrow’s Market..have you made that get up..get breakfast and take a walk through a Fun Place to be…I’ll be waiting for you…

Everything is still good in the ole’Jack n the Box…sometimes..I sit and blessed I am..and sometimes you think..I wish this n that…but you don’t need this n that when you got what you need…there some out there who don’t..can’t..I am truly blessed..loved and favored…he gives me a whole lot of Grace…

Fathers Day is coming up…haven’t decided what I’m going to do for Daddy….yet…it will come to me..I’m sure..

and my JonBoys Bday is this month…the only way I can remember it is..his is the 23rd of this month..Daddys is the 23rd of next month and mine is the 23rd of the next month… age might be a problem to remember…somewhere in the thirties???

thats all I got…sending you Fabulous FRIDAY….




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