peCaPeCa…well..I decided it was agood time to get started on Homecleaning…omg!..the rewards of having a dog n cat…lots of hair..and lots of human hair and dead scales…lol…dusting is not forte’ but I did Amit and a miss on that..after scrubbing the floors..I was not in the mood for that chore…anyway…four container on the vaccum and I am done…laundry tomorrow..I want to get this done so I may have a Amy L. Trip planned for Friday…got the ok from Santa..now I be asking daddy if he’s ok with it…I am BROKE…so it will not but be a spending time with her..we are setting up at that market again..she doesn’t want to do it alone…I have til tonight to give the answer…

shes even going to come get me and bring me home…she makes it so hard to say NO…lol

Lord..what did I do without iPads and Phones…I seem to stay on them all the time…internet is killing us…before you know it you have been on the things for hours…then you want to know where has the time gone…

its like smoking..hard to quit….

ok…that’s all I got..cause I got more stuff to do….sending you a perfect day of life…


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