Hump Day…I think…

PeCaPeCa….well..I must be on my friends minds..cause I have had three visit of some dear friends…last lil Linda came to see me…and day before yesterday my friend Cheri came by with a bag full of stuff and loving friend Kelly surprized me with a visit and she brought her three granddaughters that are visiting for the summer…and you know they all went home with a fairy…it was a fun day with them….

Today is laundry and fresh bed day cause in going to Amy L.’s Friday…got the OK from the guys…I am truly blessed with a great family and friends…

Fathers day is Sunday and I have no clue what to do for Daddy…I guess a BoTime card would be ok…it seems such a small gift for such a great father he has been…but…it’s what he enjoys doing…I wish I could get him a new chair but the dollars ain’t there…anyway…it is what it is…

thats all I got cause I got things to get done…sending you the happiest of Hump Days and I hope my spelling is better today than yesterday…I didn’t check it before I posted…where’s spell check when you need it…lol





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