PeCaPeCa…what a beautiful morning to wake up to…the weather is awesome and a great way to start the week…

we had a wonderful visit yesterday from Rusty..Brandy and Noah…and one more on the way…in case you don’t know who these peeps are…they are Russell Jrs son and family…he would be so proud…there’s one thing I can say for sure…Rusty is all about family..there’s no hidden agenda with him..no grudges..no secrets…truly about his hertiage and family…such a wonderful Ora he has…thank you for the visit…good luck on your new journey…

We are still without water pressure..so it’s a bird bath today…the city is so backed up with broken lines..it might be awhile…

and the guy about the land is on it…he’s getting all the paper work in order..all I have to do is sign n the dotted line and I will be getting my money back…on the taxes..a plus…

well..today was suppose to be laundry day but that ain’t happening..so I think I’ll just play…

thats all I got …s.ending you the greatest of Monday’s…lets do this…


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