One more day…

PeCaPeCa…one more day till payday…I am so ready to have some dollars if only for a day…it’s been a long five weeks…I hate those months…sittin on fence trying to make a dollar out if ninety nine cents…go Ida…

well..the land deal is waiting for a death certificate..and they have to have the original and I can’t get has to be a family member…what up with that..can’t be a copy…so I have and will contact sisters..if they reply..hopeful..

today is my laundry day..yes..the city came by yesterday as promised..a big thank you to them…good job in keeping your word..

and a nice bath is in order..

gave daddy and Santa their haircuts yesterday…oh..microwave died yesterday…had to go to Lowe’s and get a new one…took that popup and dealt with it…quickly..thanx daddy for having the special account…there is value in having that setup…

well..that’s all I got…sending you a promising day…



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