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Great Morning…

PeCaPeCa…sorry bout yesterday’s blog but I was on a mission to go shopping…ill try and make up for it today…

Santa and I had a great time doing the big Wally World shop..like a kid in a candy store..get anything you want…and we did…cabinets are full..freezer is full…bills are paid…and yes the candy dish is overflowing..speaking of candy dish..Gail must have new it..she does love my candy dish…cause she made a call to daddy to take him out to lunch with the great grandkids before they went back home..Olivia..Garrett..and Gavin…they are some sweet youngin’s…and I have some pics for you…

Daddy had a great time..talked about it all afternoon…if you ever want to do something for daddy..just take him out to eat somewhere…he loves it…thanx Gail…for a good memory for all..

and Gail has been buzy..she made a quilt for Gavin..this boy is all about sports…what a great quilt…good job my Gail…

Yes..one is upside down but it’s how our Gail sent it…lol..

ok…land deal is on hold til I get a certificate of death for Charlie and only a family member can get that for me..or that’s what they said…if someone out there knows different..let me know..it has to be certified…nothing is ever free..

Started on a purple fairy yesterday…sold my other two..purple..must be a popular color..

the month is ending soon and a new one to begin..to get things right…if you are lucky to wake up to it…we are not promised tomorrow…

Today..I am hoping to get my toes done…never made it last month..so there will be pain involved…I just know it and let’s don’t talk about eyebrows…they are a mess..might take a pound of wax to get them back in order…lol

thats all I got…sending you the most glorious day…



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