Didn’t Happen…

PeCaPeCa…well..my toes didn’t happen nor my wooly worms…so next week is the plan..

today is a Daddy Day…payday…yes..he’s a few days early but he wanted to get it done before the fourth…

Pet Peeve…I hate it when you ask someone politely to do you a favor and then they don’t even response with an answer…but when they wanted something..I jumped right on it with no questions even tho I thought it might bite me on the ass later..and it has evidently..ill know better next time..but there won’t be a next time with her cause she doesn’t need me ever again..cause he died…thank you for nothing…

i feel better ..even knowing she will never see this…but at least I wrote it out and that always makes you feel better…try it..it works…thank you for listening…

i finished..Juliette ..cute I think..

Tomorrow is market day…and I’m hoping for another good selling day…and it’s the first day of July…new month…lets have a great one….

thats all I got…sending you a happy last day of June…hello..July..


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