Beautiful Sunday Morn’…

PeCaPeCa…already having a great Sunday morn..breakfast cooked..waffles today…and dollars in the bank…yep…I made dollars yesterday and so did Amy L…it was a huge buzy day…I don’t think I’ve seen the market that buzy in  thousand to fifteen hundred people went through ..or it seemed that way to was amazing…to see…and they were buyers…and  I got two orders for fairies..I was Happy Happy Happy…puts pep in your step…and the new dress code of the season is daisy dukes..I saw so many ass cheeks…big ones..little ones and some no see ones…old ones..young ones..wrinkled ones…saggie ones…and a lot that didn’t need them on….got to love Fashion….not just for the young…lol

and I saw a lot of my old customers…talking bout the good ole days at the corner grill..not to many of us left…it was good to go back for a moment…

today im on the hunt for something called Shapecrete..have you heard of it..or seen it..cause I want says Ace Hardware has it ..but I called and they didn’t…let me know if you see it…I went to Lowe’s but didn’t see it..didn’t ask just my on eyes looking…and I’m going to get me one of those’s on my list of wants…

That’s all I got…sending you that fabulous day of Sunday…


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