New Begin..nings..Old Endings…

PeCaPeCa…hope July has begun great for you..and you celebrate our Independence Day tomorrow with a bang…we are having ribs..corn on cob and some good ole yeast rolls for our fourth AND I will be going to the market to setup…if you ain’t doing nothing come on down..get a good parking space..mill around town and the market and stay for the fireworks…we will be open from 10 til 2…and went got some things for you…cake and lemonade will be served for the customers…and if I’m feeling good this afternoon I may make some fudge..I’m excited about tomorrow..hoping for a good crowd…

well..I crafted all day yesterday…and I must say…Ruth the teacher came out the bomb…hope Ruth is happy with her fairy…


And I made another mermaid…Melinda…


I forgot to tell vendor friends gave me a crap load of trinkets Saturday…I am so blessed to have them thinking of me…awesome feeling…I am favored..

Some of the things I already used on the mermaid and Ruth it…when a plan comes together…

thats all I got cause time is slipping away…got to go pick daddy up…oh..I got my cart..and Amy l. It wasn’t thirty dollars it was fifty…still got it anyway..cause im getting old to tote this crap…

sending you the best of days..make it a good one….


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