My craft room…

PeCaPeCa….I have been buzy in the craft is now finished and I like it…I like it a lot..I hid and throwed out a lot of crap that I have kept for a year..and my motto is..throw out so you can get more…I found some cheap sheers and yes I know there not long enough but it works for me..hides all the stuff and keeps the dust out…and for two dollars a panel..can’t beat that deal with a my wall of green n clean cost eight dollars plus fifteen for the excellant hookers Santa fixed…perfection…one more thing..yes..they are upside down..I like the added decor…image

and I made a little fairy ..her name is Mindy…


Today is laundry day and hopeful my toes…good lord their ugly…two months since I had them done and they look like claws..don’t even want to show you the wooly worms on my face…bad…bad..bad…

i got out my Christmas n Halloween stuff to see what I had to start with…I found lots of surprizes I didn’t remember having that I bought at the end of the season…fun……and I can’t wait til my Shapecrete comes in..I’m real excited bout that…new medium to work with…waiting for my email that it’s come in…

That’s all I got…sending you a thrilling Thursday…


Let’s ride the ride


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