Hell—-O…Monday Morn

PeCaPeCa…what a great morn to wake up to…

well..I’m not to sure bout this new medium…expensive…and you don’t get much for the money..I gave it a whirl…Probably go back to regular concrete…made a couple things…don’t judge yet til it dries and painted…lol…it’s called a green man and an elephant ear..just Lettin you know…

but  I do know my witch turned out great…

and of course the iPad has a of it’s own this morning…doesn’t want to put things where I want them…

ok..I have a personal problem…this is lady talk…so my man readers..don’t read this…I have big boobs and I cannot lie…and summer is become a huge problem with sweating..it’s like a high fever under there…i have put a themoniter under there and it blew the mercury out…i have a bad heat rash..any suggestions..I have powdered them ..wash them..creamed them..and it’s still a problem..anyone out there have this problem…I do wish I could wake up one morning and they have fell off ..leaving only the nipple would be the greatest thing…mind you I don’t want cancer to get rid of them just fall off…img_5069-1

ok..that’s al I got..sending you the greatest Monday….





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