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Crafting and cleaning…..

PeCaPeCa…that’s what I did…cleaning and crafting yesterday..clean alittle bit…craft a lot…

came up with Ocean Anna…Santas says ..she’s got a lot going on…I like her..just saying…and she does take care of all ocean items..lol




and look what JonBoy saw at Lowe’s…don’t know if the squirrel belonged to the guy or it’s a resident at Lowe’s…cute…image

It nice having Jonboy for alittle while…I love my boys..

one more week before payday…they don’t come soon enough..lol

today I will be shopping for the Sunday birthday party…daddy’s making a German chocolate cake..and I’m making creamed of dried beef..all that seems to be eatable for everyone…one pot meal…I like those…

thats all I got…sending you a good Tuesday…


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