Happy Tuesday

PeCaPeCa…well..my sweet Amy L. Gave me a new old iPad..and I am having trouble transferring some of my stuff so pics will be limited..like just one..LOL!…

I think this is and wear model…lol…cause things come up different on this one…she is so good to Deb-ear-K….until I figured it out..you’ll have to do with what comes up and out…

And I did a little crafting yesterday…I made Baby Toot and trying something new…Feathers..that has not been completed..there’s another step but I have to wait on the finishing materials and some more yarn…but I’ll let you have a peek at it…

I made them kinda big cause I didn’t know what I was doing..they kinda look like dust mops at the moment…LOL

And they still might when I get through…another ..lol.moment

I gave a whirl…just trying new mediums to see what else I may come up with yo sell…variety is the spice…on the table today

This morning is blood work for daddy..he’s fasting and not liking missing his BoTime…too funny…he will be late today..

That’s all I got…sending you a marvelous day….👍🏻’s up to all the crazies…


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