Its on…

PeCaPeCa…yep..I will definitely be making some more that I have the right stuff…I like them..I like them a lot…what you think..?..haven’t sealed them yet…just on the drying stage..hoping there’s a market for them..I may add some trinkets on the Amy L. Says..we can bow it up…

And I made this after weeks man..concrete..probably be only one…LOL!..

And now I can’t find my pics..G’sss…

Wally World was a blast shopping…getting anything you want is fun…bills paid…I can relax for the month..had a couple dollars left but I know something will pop up and take them…always does…how bout you?

Today should be a home leaning day but I’m on a roll with feathers…so it’s a crafting day for me…altitude more dirt and hair on the floor ain’t gonna matter for a day…LOL!….found my pic thing…

That’s all I got…sending you a fabulous Thursday…


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