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Another Happy Day in the Week

PeCaPeCa…it’s Happy Friday..and im so excited….for a couple reasons…my new favorite Friday store is open today…and my feathers turned out awesome…bowed them up…and I told Amy L. The pink one was the last one but I made one more…a black one with alittle white..my saying for this one is..there’s always a light in all your darkness…


They are fun to make…hoping they sell good….so I have three new things for my table Saturday…hoot n toot…green man…and feathers..the weather is calling for rain…but you won’t melt..come see and enjoy your market

Oh!..if you are wondering what new store..it’s the colonial dog store..it’s open now on Fridays and every other Saturday..I am a happy camper…yeah!

today I should be catching up on cleaning ..that would be a no..I’m playing…

thats all I gotta…ending you a the happiest Friday…


2 thoughts on “Another Happy Day in the Week

  1. I hope the owl does not sell till I can get to the market I really want to see it and possibly buy. have a friend whose granddaughter belongs to a sorority and that is their “sign” or whatever it is called.

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