PeCaPeCa…ain’t this fresh cool air wonderful..I walked an extra step or two with Bella this morning…I am loving it…could it a be an early Fall…no matter..I am sure gonna Waller in it…

Santa and I had a great time on our outing…got me a new bra..and he got a new T-Shirt..that was our treat..spelled it right this time…Gail got a laugh out of it yesterday…sometimes I don’t proof read before I hit that publish button…Lol!

New month coming up…lots of Birthdays in August..matter fact one tomorrow…My Just Ben..will be forty one…oh how time flys..I can remember my wow wow..I became the real Deborah K. Again in my forties…and I have been soaring ever since..I even was told I was normal in my forties..met Santa..had some single Life…oh what fun those days were…

New adventures…another chance to do this up good…

That’s all I got…sending you the greatest Monday…


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