A Friend…

peCaPeCa…sometimes you just need a friend to pop over from the next town ..to take for a day of good things…well..that happened to me..and it was the bestest day of nothing but fun and being who we are…my friend Kelly took me out all day..time was not mentioned..I had really planned a day ..One Day …to go downtown and reacquaint myself with this sweet city I was born n raised in..and this was the perfect storm…we went in every shop and walked every street..it was awesome..I did have another reason for wanting to go..someone said they thought they saw my dolls downtown..well..I was quite curious bout that…could there be another deb er  k mind out there…of course not…found the dolls and the only thing I can say is there both dolls..mind you..they were extremely awesome..loved them..but not like mine…my was Alittle  bit weirder…lol…anyway…I just felt so blessed with the visit and fun…thanx..my friend..Kelly…loved you then..love you now..

Well..it’s Thursday and I need to concentrate on my table in my mind…for Saturday market..always try to keep it fresh…

And NO..I didn’t write a blog yesterday…things happened…sorry if your day went complete…

That’s all I got cause it’s a daddy day…oh ..what fun…sending you a very happy Thursday…


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