Fine Monday Morn’

PeCaPeCa…’s nice outside..great walk with Bella..we saw some young deer this morning…Bella was no match for them running away..she gave it a good try…too funny…I love going to Glennburniepark with’s most of the time..just her and me…let her have all the run n play she wants…and yes..I do pick up her poop…I gave up on the Simon street place…grass is high and I get in trouble all the time…wasn’t worth the hassle… you May know already..I am trying my hand at salt dough stuff…there’s one set takes to long to dry even in the oven…I’m a instant gratification kinda craftsmen…but I love what I have done so far…they are still in the oven drying…ugh!..maybe they will be ready today sometime…if they don’t get good and dry..they mold…anyway..I got all week before market day…something new on the table….pics later or you can go Facebook and see them…

My Amy L. Is coming today..I think…Our sister Gail is having back surgery tomorrow and we are here to support…

She’ll be mad cause I put it on the blog..but I don’t care…we are asking for prayer as she goes through this process…there are no guarantees..hoping she does well..

That’s all I got…sending you a super start of your week…


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