What Routine???…

PeCaPeCa…Jack n the Box routine has been throwed out today…Crazy Morning..I feel like I have taken a trip..here n there and back again…I’m already tired and the day has just started…Lol!

Well..First off we had to have a father daughter breakfast time…then it was off to see Gail..and man there sure was a difference since yesterday…Yep..all that had woken up from surgery and he was I immense pain…but the doc said that was good pain..but not yo Gail…she’s going home today so I’ll be going to the farm next week to check on her and Dennis..thanx again for your prayers…please continue that she may heal quickly..thank you

And now my Amy L. Has left yo go back to her norm…sad to see her go but I know..lifetime must go on..

Ok..granny D braggin’ rights called out ….our Taylor has enormous talent….I show you in a minute..first off the story….

You know how you feel when you got a few dollars you can really call your own..and you’re so proud of having it andt hen someone walks in the room with a million..and burst your world…well..that’s how Amy and I felt when my Tay sent me some of Art….OMG!!!!!!!…these pics are out of her head..no copying any ones ideas..all hers and that have a story or description that she writes…blows my mind..the talent my Tay has…she is so special to all of us…

AMazing..I would love to draw like that…

Now it’s time to show you my new stuff..

Got great reviews on my fish..mayb even a couple orders..and of course that want to pick there own colors and not buy these…G’sss my peeps…I gotta love you to do that…already bought the pins for them that wanted the special order..and you know that special treatment cost more..please confirm orders via comment email text Facebook..last resort..call…a total LOL!….

I need to get my head back to my norm..it’s been fun to be off a few days…and my Jonboy is still with us..so that’s always nice…got a few goodies for Tay n Owen…sorry..Jen..you got something last time…Lol…time for all of you to come shop through my stuff…

That’s all I got…I’m having a great day and I’m sending some your way…love all..Deb-er-K



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