PeCaPeCa…well.the last of the family has left me ..all..alone…Jonboy left this morning…Amy L. Left yesterday …so laundry..home cleaning..scrubbing floors…I am left with THAT..UGH!!..started on the laundry bout seven so maybe..just maybe ..I’ll get done soon…if I don’t sit down and two fish awaiting to be glamorized…one is Cheri’s and one is Faye’s …so tell me now if you don’t like what you see…

Cheri’s has the arrow in the heart..cause she’s dealing with much sorrow right now…and maybe this will make her smile and think of Austin…the star represents him….hope she likes the story of her fish…

I am still in the to hang them for display at the market..they will break ..if bumped or dropped…’s salt dough…baked…

They are sealed with a sealant …you could hang them on a covered porch..but inside is best..

I am so glad that you are in enjoying them…thank you for all the always keep me in the mood for this venture…

That’s all I got..sending you the bestest Friday…


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