Ahhh!..my Sunday is here..

PeCaPeCa…I woke up to a text of good news..Gail is doing a tad better…thank you for the prayers…good news to here on the Lords day…

Market Day wasn’t a total bust..the rains came and the shoppers were trapped sometimes…didn’t sell anything on my side but Amy L. Did good…and there were to my surprise a lot of peeps…it was a good day…

Ok..question?…how old do you get before..the caddy school yard bulling stops..are we not all adults and have a shorter time on this earth to get it right…WoW..I was saddened by the stories I heard Saturday from Vendor to vendor…just sell your stuff and move on…you don’t see these people any other time of the week..back biting..jealous of other craft..copycats…that’s the one that really gets in my grawl…we are all copycats in a sense…we just put our artistic spin on it…and yes..if I can make it cheaper then I’m going to sell it cheaper….some of us do this not for the dollars but have things in our daily lives..and we need an outlet…this is what we have choose …to do…not to undercut someone…I wish I could go in one Saturday to no disturbance…in the air..it makes for a bad day..and some of the customers even stir the stink..what up with that?…just venting cause I’m carrying a lot I heard all day yesterday…grow up!!!!!

On a lighter note..I made a seahorse..haven’t finished but I like it..I like it a lot..OH…BEWARE HUMIDITY is not salt doughs friend…just letting you know..inside decor…

Bacon n Grits was what’s for breakfast…love the smell of bacon cooking…

That’s all I got…sending you an awesome Sunday..


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